My Work

My career spans over a decade of marketing and communications across 12 industries: real estate, pharmaceuticals, scientific publishing, financial services, IT, law, business consulting, travel, design, advertising, and law enforcement. I’ve worked on projects ranging from website development and advertising copy to white papers and commercials.

I am skilled at assembling subject matter experts and creative professionals to complete content projects with excellence and efficiency. Below are a few samples of my work:


1. Website:

For this website project, I provided:

Renew You Vacations Screenshot

~ Branding and Business Name
~ Website Concept and Creative Direction
~ Content Strategy
~ Management of Creative Team
~ Project Management
~ Back-end Content for Membership Site
~ Creation of User Action Model
~ Story Boards and Information Architecture

   (Click image to see live website)


2. Website: Reynolds Restoration Group, Inc.

For this website project, I provided:

~ Branding
~ Website Concept and Creative Direction
~ Project Management With Vendors
~ Copywriting and Other Content
~ Responsive Design Layout






3. B2B Commercial: Do You Know How Your Employees Spend Vacation?

For this commercial project, I provided:

~ Concept & Content Strategy
~ Storyboard Creation
~ Script Writing
~ Project Management
~ Management of Creative Team
~ Audio Selection
~ Research

   (Click Image and enter password: contentprinciples2012)


4. E-Book: Are You Vacation Starved?          

For this E-book project, I provided:

E-book for B2C travel


~  Title and Subtitle
~  Disruptive Cover Concept and Creative Direction
~  Ghostwriting
~  Project Management
~  Research

(Click image to see E-book)





5. B2B White Paper: The Link Between Decreased Productivity and Vacation Deprivation in the Workplace

For this white paper, I provided:

~ Research
~ Writing
~ Title and Subtitle

 (Click image for full white paper)





6. Community Flyer: Are Your Kids Wearing Old Shoes?

For this flyer, I provided:

Old Shoes Flyer

~ Disruptive Concept and Content
~ Creative Direction
~ Title and Subtitle