Why Me?

If your content doesn’t make people take action, what’s the point?

As a Writer and Content Strategist, I can skillfully guide your audience’s actions.

  • Are you making emotional connections to get the responses you want?
  • Do you have a strategy to guide user experience?
  • Does your content call the shots?
  • Does your content represent your brand’s story?

“Sheba is a different kind of Writer. She doesn’t just dish back what is presented to her; she asks the right questions. She always has a better way of perceiving the problem and a keen ability to anticipate the response.”

~Attorney Cha’Ron A. Ballard-Gayle, The Ballard Law Group

I’m Sheba Simms, a Philadelphia Writer and Content Strategist. I look for the big, strategic picture in every project. There are 3 main reasons to consider me.

Firstly, whether I’m writing or developing a website, I always wear my Content Strategist hat. I ask:

  • How does this project fit into the brand’s strategic goals?
  • Which story will resonate with the target audience?
  • What consumer problems does the product or service solve?
  • What action does my client need to incite?

Secondly, I am a fully-engaged Writer and Content Strategist. I started where I’m naturally gifted and have spent years cultivating my craft through study, observation, and experience. Because I am knowledgeable about technology, marketing, design, writing, and business, I am a rare resource. I use my knowledge and experience to increase my clients’ profitability, efficiency, and productivity.

Thirdly, I offer:

  • Over 10 years of experience as a Writer and Professional Communicator for global, mid-sized, and small businesses,
  • Experience in agency-level sales and marketing,
  • An M.A. in English and Publishing and a B.A. from the prestigious Haverford College (consistently ranked in the Top 10 US Colleges),
  • Experience writing communications for senior leadership, including the CEO and General Counsel of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals,
  • Experience writing for multiple industries,
  • Expert knowledge of digital and print publishing, including printing processes, digital design, and HTML programming,
  • Entrepreneurial work style (read: resourceful and budget-conscious),
  • A mindspring of information and ideas, and
  • A team approach to serve as an extension of your company.

“For me and my company, Sheba’s blend of marketing knowledge, and social media was a winning ticket. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other people. She matchlessly combines strategic know how with critical thinking. She is extremely organized and has saved me a great deal of time by concentrating on those areas that mattered most to my key priorities. Best of all, she has followed up on items that were above and beyond our agreement. She is a great resource!”

~Anthony Ojogwu, Anthony Ojogwu & Associates–CruiseOne

My service offerings include:

White Papers
SEO/Web Content
Content Strategy
Website Strategy
Website Development
Information Architecture
Content Development
Direct Mail Campaigns
Instructional Design
High-Profile Sales Promotions
Business Letters
Research Articles
White Papers
Project Management
Communications Consulting
Content Leadership