Why Content Strategy?

Content Strategy involves planning, developing, and managing communications. It has three main components: visual communication, written communication, and usability.

So why is content strategy such a big deal? No matter what algorithm changes Googleland cooks up, good content will always be the constant. Good content guides the story a brand wants to tell, the feeling it wants to convey, and makes a lasting imprint in the minds and hearts of its audience. Content strategy:

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  • Defines your audiences,
  • Uncovers buyer motivations,
  • Defines marketing and communications goals,
  • Audits your current tools,
  • Identifies the kinds of content you need,
  • Organizes your brand’s presentation,
  • Ensures consistency,
  • Produces customer-centric communications,
  • Facilitates an organic sales process,
  • Helps predict trends,
  • Ensures you offer useful information and experiences,
  • Communicates thought leadership,
  • Illuminates market opportunities,
  • Accounts for cultural shifts,
  • Encourages consumer engagement,
  • Guides audiences to perform a desired action, and
  • Saves time, money, and resources.

Without a strategy, content loses power.

A content strategy doesn’t only include content creation and curation, but it audits and optimizes every communication about your brand. Ultimately, it organically maps your content into a well-oiled, vertical marketing machine.

Content Map (wire frame)